Are you hot? Of course you are. Do you dance, hike, bike, garden, work out, do sports, farm, do construction work? In other words, do you sweat?

Katie's Cooling ScarvesI am making “cooling scarves.” These are long narrow cotton neck scarves sewn into a flat tube. The center third is sewn off to create a pouch that holds crystal polymer. Soak in water for five minutes and the crystals morph into a cool gel. Stays in gel form for over a week! To keep gel cool, dunk scarf in cold water once in a while or stick one in the refrigerator or in a cooler next to an ice pack. Buy two and keep one cooling while the other is worn and trade them off.

Wonderful fun colors from a variety of solids to prints, from tie dye to bandana-like to florals.

Only $5 each plus cheap shipping. Buy 10 and I throw in a free one.

Check out my Facebook page for pictures of colors (and pictures of my cats modeling the scarves):

Message me through Facebook or my web site to ask questions or to order.